OF MONTREAL Virgillian Lots

Welcome to theresadurrant Lyrics OF MONTREAL Virgillian Lots Lyrics, singer by OF MONTREAL

The pigs are taking shots at the mourners on the hill
I’m truly not neutral but I lost all direction
Day I woke ready to blow the bridge
For finding you hand over your mouth
So instead, I burned my own village down

I’m grieving for you, my love
And I don’t understand what’s going on

Just as the twin volcanoes of Cuauhnahuac, we were once stable
So sad I must bury every thought of you before it shows its teeth
Now I amuse myself with [?] form of Virgilian Lots
Like your neo-feminist divinations


Our memories, once almost sacred, are embarrassments to me now
Of the three things I find most shocking, the first is how trivial you are
The second is my depth of feeling third, the purity of our collapse




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