OF MONTREAL Monolithic Egress

Welcome to theresadurrant Lyrics OF MONTREAL Monolithic Egress Lyrics, singer by OF MONTREAL

Yeah, no blood hunger parasites
I’m inside of the mirror
Oh I don’t saw this, getting bleak
Our words are so much louder now that we almost never speak

A silent messing inside I’m howling
No, you never did me wrong
We just been together too long, babe
We, we sit in silently
I think I’m panging in the dead of the sky
Cuz I can cool and shut in soft metals if you up
So the mountain, you could join me there
We’ll both be ugly failures
And we won’t even care
A silent messing inside my mind

We were the raping of the embryonic virgin spring
No fun out of that stake, I can only bury the statues
Cuz the dead have already been eaten
Threw a rock, punched through the skull of the sea
Started the freaks out
Again and again and again

I picture you as a waif on a Pacific break
Get up
Where the yawning void of your childhood sorrow
Can’t haunt you
And all alone on miserable returns
Hating myself like I know that you want me to do
There was always the passion of St. Matthew
In my head they say she knows me
What do you know?

Should we [?] to hate each other
Just to feel like we’re moving pieces
I know that I will always need to
Posses you and eyes stuck

In my ex-celebration of our centipede play
Right when we set this [?] flames
You can take on me but then you must expect the same
I’m not a different man
Cuz you not call me some fucked-up name
A silent messing inside I’m howling

There’s no sympathy for the ox
All the brutal walls that we don’t even bother naming
Just as our victimless suicides
Future is a poser
Now I’m trudging glass



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