RUPAUL My Love Sees No Color

Welcome to theresadurrant Lyrics RUPAUL My Love Sees No Color Lyrics, singer by RUPAUL

Black or white, tonight is right
Forget about whatever you’ve been told.
Unlock the door – unlike before – open up a window to your soul
I get down with cocoa brown – sassy red I go to town
And behold – young or old – and if I can be so bold
To let you know – I dig mellow yellow
Catch my flow – and every color of the rainbow.

It don’t matter whatever the skin you’re in
I need to feel y’electricity
The frequency – between you and me
My love sees no color

If a fool believes, just what he sees
Why can’t he see the similarities
He separates – discriminates
Gay or straight-whatever the case may be
Been around – north and south – booragoon to Tennessee
Know by now – that beauty – is within and not skin deep
You should know – everybody’s got a soul
Every color of the rainbow.

And time will reveal – that the way I feel
Is the way it was intended to be – each and everybody’s free!



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