OF MONTREAL Our Riotous Defects

Welcome to theresadurrant Lyrics OF MONTREAL Our Riotous Defects Lyrics, singer by OF MONTREAL

You are such a crazy girl
And I don’t know why I even tried to make you love me
I want it babe but you are just a
Crazy girl you are such a crazy girl and I don’t why
I even try to help you

When I first met you at that al-anon meeting
You made that reference to All Your Goodies Are Gone
And even sang a verse, I was amazed how husky your singing voice was.
I wanted to talk to you so badly but I didn’t know how to come on because
You’ve got that kind of beauty that makes people nervous
I know it’s fucked, but before we got together I even hooked up with one of your cousins
Just to feel somehow closer to you
Because I knew like you guys were best friends and you talked everyday
And it was thrilling to touch something that had touched you.
In my head you were like this goddess, but, in fact, you’re just a

Crazy girl
You’re just a crazy girl
I don’t know why I even try
To understand you (can’t stand you)
Your ass is crazy girl
You are so crazy girl
And I don’t know why I even try
To relate to you (can’t wait for you, it’s too late for you)

My god I should have realized, on our second date
When you dragged me into the bathroom at Tanika’s house
And screamed at me for like twenty minutes
Cause I had contradicted you in front of your friends,
I was like oh
And then later that night at my apartment
As punishment you killed my beta fish
Just threw it out the window

I did everything I could to make you happy
I participated in all your protests,
Supported your stupid little blog,
Got a Bowflex, wore colored contacts to match your dresses,
Whatever your eyes caught I bought,
Still we fought
Like Ike and Tina but in reverse
Cause you’re so crazy girl

You’re just too crazy girl
And I don’t know why I even try to understand you
Well… I think you’re crazy girl, you are so crazy girl
And I don’t know why I even try to make sense of you
Oh tell me why,
Someone tell me why my heart’s real weird for you still

I was like crazy fan over you
Like I’m all star struck over you
Like I’m getting handcuffed over you

Now it’s only fucked up

[Janelle Mon?e:]
My frame works in constant confusion
I can’t peel away the flowers of this psychic disturbance
And our riotous defects



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