RUPAUL Get Your Rebel On

Welcome to theresadurrant Lyrics RUPAUL Get Your Rebel On Lyrics, singer by RUPAUL

Fed up with a stupid world! Where’s my dummy gun?
Shoot ’em up, bang bang bang
I say we forget the noise! Take ’em one by one
Get it done, hey hey hey

High society – Better when we’re left alone
The hypocrisy – Saying that you will but you won’t
The audacity – Tell us that our love is wrong
Get Your Rebel On [oh oh so]

Stand up, light a fire up
Gotta fight to live how you wanna love
And raise your voices, sing a battle song
A revolution, Get Your Rebel On

Ooh ooh ooh ah, I’m gonna be there
Ooh ooh ooh ah, Am I gonna see you tonight?

If you can dance, you can start a revolution
Be a freedom fighter, synthesize a Boom Boom Boom
Use your body as weapon of mass destruction
New York to L.A. devastate

(Love) be a rebel tonight



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